You have so many times complained that I’m too easily swayed by my friends’ advice. Let me tell you once and never again: of all my friends who knew you, only two were on your side. The other 3 supporters of yours are the three statements that you said to me throughout the ups and downs of our relationship.

1. “I never believe I won’t be able to make you happy” on a windy summer afternoon 2007. You later said in despair “I have never imagined spending my married life with a girl other than you”.
2. “To pursuit love at the expense of my career is a very difficult decision to make, but NOT the impossible” in summer 2007.
3. “I trust that my parents will be happy with you. But in case they don’t, I will insist on doing what I want to do. Eventually, it’s MY, not theirs, life!” when you urged me to see your parents for the first time.

It is these three magical statements that gave me the formidable strength and courage to decide it all, even amid a sea of wonders. I am trembling at the sudden realisation that none of these supporters may be real. I might have been just foolish and blind then but it is not me to regret what I myself decided. I cherish whatever results. Thank you for the precious moments you brought to my life. I was once truly in love with you and at this moment, I miss that time and that man in you badly. Show me the way to regain him, I beg!


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