Too often I see people drowning themselves and others into quarrels and serious conflicts because they are at a different point on the continuum than the other. For example, no matter how close they are within the spectrum (literally, close means NOT at the same point), extroverts find introverts boring while introverts dislike extroverts for lack of reservedness or (perceived) charm. Likewise, a middle-aged person pursuing younger life-styles could be seen as positively “young-at-heart” OR “childish, ridiculous” depending on where the “judge” sits on the spectrum. (Note that there are countless spectra to fit yourself in. You and your best friend may be close on one kind of spectrum but may well stick to two ends of another).

I was so glad I discovered this “spectrum theory”. Then I laughed at myself for positioning myself on a fixed point on a spectrum. The spectrum about how people should behave when they are not at the same point on a spectrum!!! Hahahahaha


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